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Introducing Our Automotive Solution! 


Introducing JollyPayments Automotive Solutions. Customers want a fast, easy, and secure checkout experience. Your business needs a way to process payments without compromising customer data or putting your security at risk. With our integrated payment systems, your business can deliver on all fronts. Protect sensitive customer data with PCI-compliant transactions. Accept EMV chip cards for enhanced customer security. Plus, serve customers online, in person, or on-the-go.

Our JollyPayments Automotive Solution comes with our FREE ProCharge virtual terminal, free mobile processing app, merchant portal, enjoy card present next day funding, available 100K PCI breach coverage. Set up recurring billing, auto billing and send branded professional invoices via email. 

Use our Cash discounting programs and save up to 100% of your processing fees! This all combined with our direct processing platform, easy PCI compliance and available enhancements will take your organization to the next level. 

                                             Switch and Save! 


Next Day Deposits!           24/7 Support          Zero Processing Fee Programs


                           WORKS FOR ANY VEHICLE BUSINESS

Image by NeONBRAND
Tow Truck
Car Buffer
Car Lot


Vehicle Dealers

Vehicle Auctions

Custom Shops

Detail Shops 

Salvage Yards & Parts

Tow Truck & Yards

Body and Repair Shops

     Our Integrated Automotive Solution Includes: JollyPayments brings more features and greater possibilities to your Automotive Business!


No Cost PCI! Simplified PCI compliance with our ControlScan Partnership. Add 100K in breach coverage and more! 

Enjoy simple sign-up with transparent pricing and no hidden fees, no contracts, no set-up fees. Takes just minutes to sign up.

Our software accepts payments in office, online and on-the-go with our free mobile app. Use your phone or tablet.

A fast, reliable, and affordable point of sale system for small to medium-sized automotive businesses.


Profit the same as cash with our

Zero % Merchant Processing fees. Save up to 95% of your credit card processing fees!

Direct Processing Platforms and Banks.

Next Day Funding!


In-house 24/7 Customer Support 

24/7 Tech Support

Free ProCharge virtual payment platform offers multiple product solutions so you can optimize and run your business, your way.

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    SEE HOW OUR AUTOMOTIVE SOLUTION                              IS BEST IN CLASS

Image by Blake Wisz

Save Up To 100% of Your Credit Card                              Processing Fees!

Are you tired of paying outrageous credit card processing fees? Implementing a

Cash Discounting program at your business can result in significant savings!

Our Cash Discounting programs helps eliminate most or all of your

processing fees while driving cash payments to your business.

See how our cloud-based software and terminal are perfect for your Shop. Our best in class software is simple and easy to use and with our cash discount program it's a game-changer for all services industries! 

Next Day Funding

Save Up to 100% of Processing Fees

Our Entire Payments System Custom-Built To Your Needs-Sign Up Today!

Free Access To Our Virtual Terminal With Every Account

Accept Payments 

Customizable Settings & Alerts 

Robust Reporting. Detailed sales activity,

customer tracking, inventory performance,

and more. 

Dispute management tools, including chargeback and mitigation  

Express Mobile Phone Apps. Accept Payments anywhere on phone or tablet

Create manage invoice & recurring billing with our added plan


Simplify payments and save money with our free ProCharge virtual/mobile payment system at NO cost to you! Take advantage of ProCharge’s many benefits without additional processing costs or monthly fees. 



Manage Your Entire Business From One Login!


Email your customers invoices from your             point of sale or your back office.


                            Any in-person or mobile transaction syncs directly in your merchant dashboard


  Automate recurring billing



           Generate repeat invoices automatically at 

                          the  frequency you set.


Allow customers to enroll                in autopay.


Customers on a recurring invoice cycle can opt to         automatically be charged using autopay.

           Add custom branding to your outgoing

                    invoices and payment pages.


                       Create a seamless customer experience by adding your logo and contact

                                                        information to every touchpoint.

Washing the Car

     Payments On The Go! Use Our Free Mobile                  Application for Your Business

Apple/Android Mobile, Tablet App


With Mobile app, accepting credit card payments is as easy as pulling out your phone. Whether you’re away from the register, out and about, or work independently, you can process payments and even accept gratuity, with or without a card reader. This free powerful app. No Cost mobile solution for each of our accounts. Can be used in many ways. 

  • In and around your store (you can use it to line bust and speed up your checkout). 

  • Tow Companies, Limo Services and more...

  • Mobile Detail.

  • Parts For delivery.

  • Anywhere else your customers might be.

Get our Credit Card Readers  


Payment Types:

  • Traditional magstripe credit cards.

  • EMV chip cards.

  • NFC contactless payments like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

What's Included: 

  • Access to Merchant Portal for easy business management, data-driven reports, our Virtual Terminal, and more.

  • Award 24/7 customer service and technical support.


Free Mobile Gift Card Processing with        our ProCharge Mobile App


Protect Your Business From Cybercriminals

            Our Automotive Business solution comes with our no cost, hassle free, PCI compliance

Introducing Simplified PCI Compliance with                


The benefits of our PCI program are as follows:

  • Breach forgiveness – Should an unfortunate fraud event occur at your business, you can add with up to $100,000 in breach forgiveness coverage for each qualifying merchant account.

  • No fees – Reach compliance easy with our Control Scan Partnership and have zero PCI fees.

  • Stop paying high PCI Fees – With our program we help you with easy PCI compliance which will eliminate any non-compliant fees. 

  • Free vulnerability scan – We offer PCI Compliance scans through ControlScan


Make the same profit from non-cash payments as you do cash payments!



Dual Processing .png

What is A Cash Discount Program?

JollyPayments discounting software 

provides the option for merchants to utilize a

specialized program and collect a higher price with credit card transactions.

Our unique programs help reduce processing expenses as much as possible by collecting an increase on every

purchase when using a credit card.

Our Software provides you with access to programs and technology that makes this happen easily for you.

Join the thousands of businesses that are getting the competitive edge with our cash discounting and Surcharge programs.

Image by NeONBRAND
Image by bruce mars

Our program allows the merchant to take payments, collect the “non-cash adjustments”, and receive a deposit that equals their transaction total

The collected fees help reduce the merchant’s processing fees as much as possible, to almost Zero! 

Changing the Tire

              Just Some Of The Benefits of                   our Automotive Solution

Our Automotive Program Eliminates:
Our Automotive Program:

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             Join the thousands using our Electronic Payments                                         Automotive solutions!


      We Offer Transparent Pricing


Low-cost payment processing with next day funding for all major card brands and backed by a Meet or Beat Rate Guarantee. We offer fair and equitable pricing, with clear costs, no hidden fees, no crazy bait & switch rates, no games!

Image by Kato Blackmore
Customer Service.png

No Ridiculous Fees


We never nickel-n-dime you with ridiculous fees that other traditional processors charge. Choose our cash discount programs or our traditional wholesale interchange + plus program! Find out what we DON'T CHARGE you!

Modern Payments


More than a payment-processing tool, Our merchant virtual terminal is an entire payments ecosystem custom-built to your needs. From billing and collections to sales tracking to customer engagement and retention, you’ll find everything you need to run your business your way!

Technical Support


We know your business doesn’t have time to wait on hold for help from Technical Support. Rely on our team of skilled professionals to provide next-level service, getting you back up and running in a flash.