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           Our Virtual terminals are not just payment gateways— They are complete payment digital platforms. Perfect for                       business to business, business to customer, professionals, service industries, payroll, subscriptions, and more.  


           Robust, simple to use, and built for you… Explore our entire suite of solutions or browse them according to your

                             specific needs. We help you to determine which virtual terminal is best for your business            

How Do Our Gateways Differ? Check Out The Compare Matrix Below



Monthly Fees                                Free!                                         $10/Month                                  $20/Month

Gateway Transaction Fees          Free!                                   $0.10/Transaction                        $0.12/Transaction 

Virtual Terminal                             Included                                   Included                                     Included

Fraud Protection                            Included                      $10/Month (Advanced Protection)               Included 

Gift Card Processing                     Free!                                        Not Available                            Not Available                    

Level 3   Processing                    Not Available                              $20/Month                             Not Available


Auto-Recurring Billing                  Included                                  Included                                    Included

Email invoicing                               Included w/                               $10/Month                             Included

                                                     Recurring Billing                                                 

Customer Vault                              Included                                     Included                                   Included

Custom Reporting                         Included                               Included                          Not Available

Payment Button/Links                    Included                               Included                              Included

Shopping Cart Integration            Not Available                                Included                              Included

Quickbooks Sync Integration         Included                                    $10/Month                                $15/Month

Batch Processing                            Included                                   Included                             $0.10 Per batch

Mobile Device Integration               Free!                                            $5/Month                              Not Available   

Cash Discount/SurCharging          Included                                     Included                              Not Available

In-Store/Office-Card                        Included                              $5/Month                            Not Available

EMV Terminal Integration                                                                          

Advance Multi-Mid Routing         Not Available                               Included                               Not available


  Not Available                           Included                           Included

                                                                                                        ( $15 Month + $0.25 Transaction)          ( $10 Month + 0.75% of Volume) 

0.49% of Volume

Credit Card Automatic

Card On File Account Updater

Not Available


Not Available

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Our FREE, easy to use, in-house virtual terminal and gateway. We offer ProCharge at no cost with our electronic payments merchant account. ProCharge® gives you the utmost flexibility with user-friendly technology that scales. Accept all major cards. Cash Discount Programs for Zero Processing Fees.


Process fast, secure payments with our FREE ProCharge Virtual Terminal. Take advantage of ProCharge’s many benefits without additional processing costs or monthly fees. JollyPayments never charges you for any of our ProCharge Features!  Our ProCharge gateway features include: recurring billing, mobile on-the-go processing,

e-invoicing, website donation buttons, free Quickbooks plugin, secure storage & processing of cardholder data, real time insights & reports and payment links for website payments. Easily add your logo and business info for custom receipts and invoices.

This is a wonderful, simple to use, virtual payment terminal with no added cost and is perfect for almost every business. ProCharge processes even gift card transactions with our free mobile app. We offer FREE gift card processing with our FREE ProCharge virtual terminal. No contracts or hidden fees! You’ll receive 50 pre-designed gift cards and enjoy free gift card processing with our electronic payments merchant account, real-time reporting, 24/7 technical support, and more!

If you are searching for ACH/E-check or if you process many larger transactions, Government, business or corporate purchasing cards (Level 3) or in need of more features, you'll want to use our other gateway, JollyPayments Virtual Gateway. We have ways you can lower your level 2 & 3 processing. Our proprietary technology identifies Level 3 cards and helps you qualify for lower rates on these types of cards. Some large transaction B2B & B2G merchants will benefit from lower level 3 card rates by using our JollyPayments Virtual Gateway software.  

Procharge Picture.png

Simplify payments and save money with our free ProCharge virtual/mobile payment system at NO cost to you! Take advantage of ProCharge’s many benefits without additional processing costs or monthly fees. 



Manage Your Entire Business From One Login!

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More than a payment-processing tool, Our JollyPayments merchant virtual terminal is an        entire payments ecosystem custom-built to your needs. From billing and collections to

             sales tracking to customer engagement and retention, you’ll find  everything

                                          you need to run your business your way!

PERFECT FOR: B2B, B2C, manufacturers, suppliers, wholesale, healthcare providers, dentists, doctors & law offices, insurance companies, contractors, plumbers, electricians, landscapers, fitness instructors, home based business, billing services, rental management, non-profits, subscription based businesses, retail, radio stations, installment payments, accounting, or any service provider!  

Jollypayments b2c.png

Our world class, in-house, JollyPayments all purpose online omni-channel gateway. Our virtual payment system is the secure gateway for all types of businesses. A Cloud-based application that allows for accepting payments. Perfect for all business including self Kiosk businesses, high risk-hard to place merchants types, as well as businesses that require multiple MID capabilities. 


JollyPayments payment platform is a validated PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider. This is the industry’s highest level of certification.

JollyPayments Gateway allows you to customize the look and feel of your gateway with your Logo, custom receipts, custom invoicing. Customize your business payment features with our market place apps.


Take all major payment types: Enable payments from Visa,

MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Diners Club,

JCB, plus Google Pay and Apple Pay.



ACH E-check

Accept E-check for e-invoicing & recurring payments

Collect Checkout

Quickly start selling without a shopping cart using our hosted payment page and payment button generator.


QR Codes

Let merchants create payment links as QR codes to quickly and easily get all the benefits of going contactless.


Automate reporting workflow with instant transaction notifications.

Automatic Card Updater

Ensures uninterrupted payments for merchants by seamlessly updating card-on-file information.


Multiple MID Capabilities

Manage multiple MIDs on a single gateway account, and consolidate reporting, manage branches, organize products and more. If you're a company that has multiple locations or multiple merchant accounts? Our Advanced Automatic Mid Routing provides the merchant with load balancing across an unlimited amount of merchant accounts (MIDs).  Fields defined by the merchant can also be balanced across multiple MIDS. Most companies won't need this but we have the technology if needed.

Gateway Emulator

Easily migrate from other gateways without having to rework or reprogram software or applications. The advanced payment gateway services that drive value JollyPayments value-added services are world class.

High Risk Merchants 

At JollyPayments, we don't particularly care what industry you're in

Why? Because we believe all merchants deserve customized payment acceptance programs and personal attention. Not all virtual terminal will work with higher risk merchants. Our in-house JollyPayments terminal can handle all types of hard to place merchant accounts.

Self-Service Unattended Card Payments

Adding a card payment option to unattended machines increases revenue compared to cash-only payments, and accepting only card payments significantly reduces costs. JollyPayments provides simple, secure and exceptionally reliable unattended card payments and contactless EMV payment options for ticketing, parking, vending and kiosk operators.

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JP WhatYouDo_Unattended_Hero.webp

Pick and Choose Apps As Your Business Grows! Customize your payments platform to fit your specific business needs by downloading and installing our feature rich product apps in your JollyPayments merchant virtual terminal. 

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logo-authorizenetcf18.png is the industry standard! connects to almost every e-commerce shopping cart software there is. This is our go-to-gateway when connecting your website shopping cart to our payment processing platform.


We are a certified reseller of connects to your websites shopping cart via API integrations for payment transactions. We connect our processing platform to We then set you up to connect runs in the background of your shopping cart for easy secure payments. 


Since 1996, has been a leading provider of payment gateway services, managing the submission of billions of transactions to processing networks on behalf of merchant customers. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Visa.


Switch and save with us is easy! You might find yourself in a position where you would like to switch to us to get better service or pricing. So, what if you already use Most of the time we are able to just link our processing to your existing account. You will retain all the same information and nothing will change on the way you currently are using However, in certain cases we are not able to re-use your current Your current processor owns or locks the account down. No worries, we would just create a new account and in a matter of minutes you can replicate your old settings in your new account. 

There are a few ways to know if your old account is available to be transferred to a new processor like ours.

Step 1: Contact 877-447-3938 ask them if it's possible to update your merchant processor from              your current one to a new merchant processor. If they say "no" we will create a new                    account.

Step 2: You can login to your account to see if your account has a reseller attached to the                      account. Got to the "Merchant Profile" Scroll down to the bottom of the page in the reseller section                  you should see your current processor or a resellers name. If you see it blank, then we should be                      able to re-use the account with our new processing link. If you see a name in the reseller section then              we would create a new account for you.


We work with most payment gateways with easy integrations. No need to switch payments gateways. We just switch your current payments processing to our platform. Switch and Save Today! Don't see one you work with? Just let us know or we can offer and set up the perfect gateway for your type of business.