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        eCommerce payment processing for everyone.

  Looking to accept credit card payments online or currently accepting payments but looking for a new payments partner?       Either way, we are here to help. We realize that accepting payments online is no longer a nice-to-have, but rather a need-     to-have, and we want to make it as simple and affordable as possible.

  Completely customizable eCommerce

               credit card processing.

You can use your existing website to offer a completely customizable checkout experience with your branding while simultaneously freeing yourself from liability for sensitive cardholder data with our PCI Plus Program.

                   Simple integration with the leading POS partners

                                        and shopping carts.

  Our ecommerce solutions allow you to have integrated point of sale software for online credit card processing. We partner   with the most popular point of sale and shopping cart plug-ins. So no matter what you need, we can help with quick and         easy online payment processing.

Shopping Cart Plug-ins

                      Can't find a module for your shopping cart?


We have created an Authorize.Net Gateway Emulator product that conforms to the API. Most carts           that are compatible with Authorize.Net can be updated to process through Velocity with no code changes.

    Free virtual terminal access in our secure online merchant portal.


       A web-based application that allows for accepting payments online, our Payments Hub Virtual Terminal can accept:

                             Card-present payments including swiped (magstripe),

                             dipped (EMV) and tapped (contactless EMV and NFC.


                             Card-not present payments.


                              Payments made over the phone.


Payments made by mail

Recurring payments for subscription billing

            With access to nine full-featured gateways, we have a                                           solution for every merchant. 

We integrate with the most popular payment gateways in the industry. JollyPayments seamlessly integrates to nine, full-featured online payment gateways, including:

No matter what industry you’re in

We have a secure and affordable solution to help you offer fast and frictionless online credit card processing that will increase your sales. Already using a gateway? We probably integrate with it, which makes switching to us you'll save money on payment processing super easy.



Forget our competitors and their cookie cutter solutions. Call us today to receive a free consultation so we can tailor a customized merchant services program built around your specific business.

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The JollyPayments Difference 

1. Your Pick Your Free Equipment               2. Pick Your Pricing                    3. Pick your Funding

This industry can be confusing and when there's nobody to talk to, you can count on us.

JollyPayments works with your business directly and has the ability to bring you the best and newest technology in payment solutions. Our integrated customer and management POS software helps your business stay ahead of your competition. Most of our equipment is technology proof. We offer you FREE POS placements, as technology grows you grow with it.

We have direct partner relationships with many different processors with multiple banks. We will find the right processor, lowest rates and the best payments system that fits your business needs. We manage your accounts in house to better assist you with all your daily needs.

Step 1- Call us or contact

             us on this website

Step 2- We will find you the                     best payment solution 

Step 3-  We train you with                        ongoing 24/7 support

Contact: JollyPayments: 818-679-3335

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