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Where Software Technology Meets Electronic Payments 

   We believe that running a business should be easy for everyone.

Since 2005, we have been helping businesses grow and expand with payment technology. We work with all types of businesses new or established. Unlike most payment service companies that try and sell you a one trick pony. At JollyPayments, we are NOT salesman and will never try and sell you on any service. Our goal is to identify the needs of your business, create solutions, introduce modern technology, and help you grow. Our knowledge and  Integration helps your business be more efficient and profitable.


JollyPayments is not a one-size-fits all payment service provider. We work with some of the largest North American software and payment processors in the country. The benefit with JollyPayments is we offer direct payment processing, fast funding, direct relationships with POS systems, Free POS systems, mobile terminals, virtual terminals, cloud-based software, eCommerce solutions and integrated software with 24/7 support. 


Our experienced teams create an end-to-end payments processing solution that is specifically designed for your business. The final result is a single point of contact for all your payment needs with little or no upfront costs.


In-house processing.


While other payment providers channel your transactions to a third party processing company, our in-house payment processor, handles the transactions between you and your customer. Our processing is reliable and secure with a 99% uptime and end-to-end encryption. (Epx Platform)

The JollyPayments Difference 

Your In Control With Us

Switch and Save. UpGrade Your hardware


No Salesman

At JollyPayments we are not salesman nor do we hire resellers or salesman. We represent you not the banks.



Interchange + pricing for any business.

Flat Rate pricing to our Edge program!


Pick Your Equipment

Choose a countertop or mobile device, or use your own. We can even reprogram your existing equipment to work with our programs. We offer Virtual,

mobile and full POS POS Systems, including installation and training



Same Day, Next Day, Instant Funding!

Multiple Processing           POS        Integrated Software                   Fast Funding

At JollyPayments, we believe all merchants deserve customized payment acceptance programs and personal attention. Need an ecommerce solution? We'll get you up and running in no time. Opening up a retail shop? No sweat. In a specialty market? No Problem.

In fact, no industry is too small, too niched, too large or too specialized. the fact is, when you partner with our team, you'll receive a custom-tailored, hands-on approach you won't get from any other payments partner. You can breath easy and we'll take it from here.

JollyPayments is a different type of payment service provider. JollyPayments puts you in control of your payment and point of sale needs, not the other way around. 


JollyPayments works direct with the largest processing banks in all of North America. We have partner relationships with multiple payment processors, this allow us to seamlessly match the perfect processing platform, banks and the best software and point of sale systems for your business. 


JollyPayments Online               Gateways

More than a payment-processing tool, Our merchant virtual terminal is an entire payments ecosystem custom-built to your needs. From billing and collections to sales tracking to customer engagement and retention, you’ll find everything you need to run your business your way!


Simple to use- B2B & B2C

Customize your payments platform to fit your specific business needs by downloading and installing our feature rich product apps.


Free Hospitality Programs

Hotels, Resorts, Lodging, restaurants programs including any Micros users. Free Emv terminals, Lighthouse management software, Free QR codes, Free pay-at-the table terminals, waived Shift4 gateway fees, free online ordering and more.


JollyPayments offers multiple vendors with integrated software. We offer all business type software and POS terminals including mobile and smart solution terminals. We have an in-house POS team that finds the best POS system for your budget and business needs. A free service at no mark-ups! 


Jollypayments negotiates special pricing for our merchants on all vendors!

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JollyPayments is your single source for all your payment needs. We partner with the leading providers of integrated payment processing and technology solutions, delivering a complete omni-channel ecosystem that extends beyond payments to include a wide range of commerce-enabling services. Our software partners technologies help power over 350 software providers in numerous industries, including services, B2B, hospitality, retail, food & beverage, eCommerce, lodging, gaming, and many more. 



Payment Gateways



Learn About PCI Compliance 


Software Integrations

Software Integrations Including Quickbooks & business management integrations. Merchant portal management system with each account

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    JollyPayments has many advantages through our
                    direct partner relationships

There are front-end processors who have connections to various card associations and supply authorization and settlement services to merchants' banks. Then there are back-end credit card processors who accept settlements from front-end processors while moving money to merchants' issuing banks. Our direct processor are both a front-end and a back-end processor, allowing us to oversee the entire transaction process. That means more seamless transactions with a single point of contact for you.


In-House Underwritting


Fast Approval

Enjoy simple sign- up with risk-free, month-to-month service agreements with no hidden fees.


No Cost Same Day Funding

* EPX Platform


Fraud & chargeback mitigation tools.


eCommerce- 175+ shopping cart integrations, robust multi-currency conversion.


In-house support for lightning-fast resolution to customer inquiries, chargebacks, and representments.


Specialty Merchants 

Processing for merchants in traditionally hard-to-place industries.


Smart Solution Software

Inventory, Employee, reporting management software that comes with our Free Placement Terminals


Edge Program

Our merchants have the ability to profit the same from credit transactions that you do with cash transactions. Our systems allow you to control what the customer pays. Avoid raising prices on your cash transactions. 

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Credit Card

Level 2 &  3 Processing

  • B2B

  • Corporate

  • Enterprise

  • Commercial

  • Purchasing

  • Government


Management Portal

An online merchant portal featuring real-time transaction reporting. Free virtual terminal with each merchant account.

Notre Dame

Non Profit Programs

Software for donations.

No Credit Card Fees. Text giving, Cell phone donations, recurring donations, ACH Check donations, all-in-one marketing, Kiosks, Silent auction, Zero Credit Card processing Sur charge programs..


A In-house dedicated support team, the POS Pros help identify and implement the perfect POS solution for every merchant

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USA & Canadian Merchant Accounts

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The JollyPayments Difference 

1.  Pick Your Equipment               2. No Salesman                   3. Tailored Programs

This industry can be confusing and when there's nobody to talk to, you can count on us.

JollyPayments works with your business directly and has the ability to bring you the best and newest technology in payment solutions. Our integrated customer and management POS software helps your business stay ahead of your competition. Our equipment is technology proof and as technology grows you grow with it.

We have direct partner relationships with multiple pos vendors, software solutions and some of the largest processors in North America. We will find the right processor, lowest rates and the best payments system that fits your business needs. We manage your accounts in house to better assist you with all your daily needs.


JollyPayments understands that business is not a one-size-fit all. 

Step 1- Call us or contact

             us on this website

Step 2- We will find you the                     best payment solution 

Step 3-  We train you with                        ongoing 24/7 support

Companies who process on our partner platforms: