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Solutions For Every Merchant!

JollyPayments has got you covered with integrated software point of sale systems. We offer the most modern way to accept payments with our cloud-based solutions, e-Commerce gateways, virtual terminal and mobile EMV solutions. 


Not to worry, we have a in-house dedicated team of point of sales professionals (not sales reps) that will go over your business model and needs. We help you find the most cost effective and best point of sale system for your business. This of course, includes demos and training without any mark-ups and best of all it's a free service we offer!

       Your Cloud-Based Payment Platforms


JollyPayments has multiple virtual terminals. We put the power of the industry’s leading online merchant portals to work for you and your business. Whether you’re looking to send an online invoice or accept payments online, only our secure, online merchant portals makes it easy to get all the tools you need to grow your business. 


Accept payments over the phone, online, mobile devices, email, payment links, text and process                                                       cards not present, ACH e-Check and more.


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JollyPayments world-class merchant virtual terminal is an entire payments ecosystem custom-built to your needs. From billing and collections to sales tracking to customer engagement and retention, you’ll find everything you need to run your business your way!


Every Merchant account gets FREE access to our cloud-based ProCharge payment system with many features at NO cost to you. Accept Payments Online, In-person, and on-the-go. Free Gift Card processing

                Our Virtual terminals are not just payment gateways— They are complete payment digital platforms. Perfect for                           business to business, business to customer, professionals, service industries, payroll, subscriptions, and more.  


                Robust, simple to use, and built for you… Explore our entire suite of solutions or browse them according to your

                        specific needs. We help you to determine which virtual terminal is best for your business                 


           Get a better sense of your business with the Merchant Dashboard. View daily payments in real-time or breakdown                      payments to see what’s most popular at your business over time. Keep track of your customers, surcharging,                                                                              product management, employees, apps and more.                                                     


                                                        INVOICING & RECURRING PAYMENTS
   Electronic invoicing enables merchants to invoice customers via brandable email and allows customers to make payments 

                      Comprehensive transactional and financial reports provide a clearer understanding of your business:

                              Deposits       Charge Backs        Monthly Merchant Statements         Settlement         Access Log



                        JollyPayments Virtual Terminals allows you to customize the look and feel of your gateway with your                                                                                          Logo, custom receipts, custom invoicing. 

Woman Using a Tablet.jpeg

*Requires merchant account


          Our Virtual payment platforms integrate easily with QuickBooks, mobile                                                             devices, and EMV terminals. 




     e-Commerce Gateways and Business                      Specific Payment Software

We integrate with the most popular payment online gateways in the industry. If you're using any gateway we can switch you over to our processing platforms for faster funding, better rates, PCI compliance and the best security in the business. We offer Level 2 &3 processing and EMV terminals that connect directly to you computer.

No matter what industry you’re in, we have a secure and affordable solution to help you offer fast and frictionless online credit card processing that will increase your sales and efficiency.


Already using a gateway? We probably integrate with it, which makes switching to JollyPayments to save money on payment processing super easy. 

FREE e-Commerce Enterprise Website 

We offer many software solutions




A dedicated POS and support team, the POS Pros are here to help you identify the right POS solution for your Business

Need Something More?

           We Got It!


JollyPayments offers a full free service from consultation to implementation of most POS systems on the market. Finding the right point of sale system and software use to be hard, but not anymore. 

You don't have to be a an expert in point of sale systems. Let us find your business the best point of sale system that works best with your budget and your business model. So, if you're a mom-and-pop store, a small to large business, an independent grocery chain, a franchise business, or a large corporation, we've got you covered!

We are not salesman that try and sell you a specific point of sale system. Our professional service is free and our team is 100% POS indifferent. Our goal is to work with you to find the best possible POS System for your specific business needs and keep you processing with us.  It's really that simple. 

So, how does it work? Just give us a call and we'll go over your business and specific needs. Next step, we set our team loose on finding the right POS system, we'll work with you to set up demos, go over any pricing, pick the right equipment, install, train and all with no mark-up!


Some Of Our Featured providers.

JollyPayments has countless POS Systems that are certified and powered by our integrated payment processing platforms. We offer fast funding, great Rates, Integrated software, and have the ability to profit the same from credit transactions that you do with cash transactions with our cash discounting programs. We have special pricing on all our POS Systems with no mark-ups to you!

Image by Blake Wisz

Streamline payments & business with one full-featured POS! Free online ordering! Includes our "All in One package" with front & back office management cloud software, Free gift card processing, Free menu/inventory build and more..


JollyPayments wholesale cost, no mark-up pricing, makes this complete POS system cost less than the smart phone in your pocket!

Liquor Stores | Convenience Stores | Retail | Grocery & Markets | QSR | Bars | Cafes | Restaurants 


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Your choice with or without         customer facing screen


Clover’s growing marketplace of business software and POS systems— including Clover Station, Clover Go, Clover Flex, to name a few—provides your business a personalized experience.

Restaurants   Retail    Appointments 


The Clover name and logo are owned by Clover Network, Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of First Data corporation, and are registered or used in the U.S. and many foreign countries

See for yourself why Clover is best-in-class!


Clover is taking over the market, and it's easy to see why. Whether your merchants are seeking countertop terminal solutions or mobile point of sale products, Clover's integrated lineup covers an array of payment processing needs and so much more! Get Free Your Demo Today!


JollyPayments offers one of the only in-house Clover POS system deployment with free menu build, 24/7 Customer and Tech support. We offer special Clover pricing! 


#1 For Automated



No Mark-up! Cost our Price is Your Price VL100 $210 

The Z8 and Z11 countertop payment terminals provide an easy to use EMV payment experience for every business owner. With easy access to frequently used options in the “Favorites” Menu and a simple “Call Me” button to request a support representative callback, merchants love the ease of use and ISOs love the easy programming of Dejavoo.

EMV, Tip Adjust, Apple Pay, Built In Printer

No Monthly Fees!  Supports Cash Discount!


Wholesale Pricing on all Dejavoo Terminals.


Instant Real-Time reporting through Merchant JollyPayments Virtual Terminal.

No more waiting! View LIVE transactions and batches run through these new payment terminals in our Virtual Terminal instead of waiting until the next business day. You can now track transaction information real-time whenever logged into JollyPayments Virtual Terminal.

The Ingenico series seamlessly enables contactless payment acceptance by providing a dedicated customer-facing NFC card reader zone for faster transaction flows.


EMV, Tip Adjust, Apple Pay, Built In Printer

No Monthly Fees!

Wholesale Pricing on all Ingenico Terminals



An enterprise-level solution built for single restaurant proprietors and large franchise chains alike, SALIDO leverages design, data, and workflow management to optimize both front- and back-end operations. Online Ordering

Restaurants | Quick-Serve | Bars


Custom App Build

Build your point of sale with customizable design and development compatible with Android and iOS. Just $99/month.

Restaurant | Quick-Serve



The leading software provider for hospitality applications since 1998. HotSauce Technologies offers powerful, reliable, and cost-effective products and stellar support to its merchant partners.

Restaurants | Bars | Nightclubs


Retail Cloud

Retailcloud is a scalable, cloud-based, retail POS solution for Android and Windows. It provides businesses of all sizes access to tablet, windows, and phone solutions, as well as API integration to ERP and ecommerce systems.

Retail | Restaurants Liquor Stores



A global leader in stable, reliable, and secure POS systems for restaurants, hotels, resorts, casinos, stadiums, arenas, cruise ships, transportation hubs, and retail stores. We have in-house micros licensed dealers.

Restaurants | Hospitality | Retail



The cloud-based POS solution and inventory management software at more than 30,000 retail locations.

Retail | Fashion | Homeware | Health & Beauty | Liquor Stores | Salons

Our Special Pricing Starting $49 Month


We Offer 14 Day Free Trial



A subscription-based solution for hospitality merchants, Mynt offers state-of-the-art hardware featuring a lifetime warranty, and feature-rich software, backed by award-winning support.

Restaurants | Hospitality | Retail



A state-of-the-art point of sale system designed specifically for salons and spas. Help merchants effortlessly manage appointments, payments, gift cards, memberships, loyalty programs, inventory, and more.

Salons | Spas | Barbershops | Tattoo


Paradise POS

Innovative iPad-based POS solutions for more accurate orders, simplified inventory management, and more.

Restaurants | Quick-Serve | Bars

And More...


Upgrade to any new system or we can integrate our processing to your existing Point of Sale System or E-commerce system. Switch & Save today! Same Day and Next Day funding.  

Demos Available on POS Systems. 


Payments In Store Or On The Go


JollyPayments offers smart solution mobile payment devices. Our mobile & counter top terminals work for any business. These smart solution payments systems are ready to go right out of the box. You will be ready to go when you receive it.  


JollyPayments offers the latest EMV technology solutions to protect your business from financial impact caused by potential fraudulent transactions. Unlike traditional mag-stripe cards containing static data, EMV cards send coded data that changes with each transaction. Since only EMV-enabled devices are capable of decoding a chip card, fraud is greatly reduced at the point of sale.

                              UPGRADE TODAY!

  • Support for EMV and NFC transactions, including Apple Pay™

  • Fast, reliable transactions

  • Integrated high-speed thermal printers

  • Intuitive interfaces designed for easy operation


We have Mobile and Counter Terminals Including Clover Flex.


Hotel and Lodging 


JollyPayments offers hotels, resorts, motels, Inns, and all lodging free EMV devices.

Attention: Independent & Franchise hotels, resorts, inns, motels & lodging. Including Free EMV devices, Free Pay at the table, QR codes, waived gateway fees and more!

Lighthouse management software is the premier hospitality software in the business. The Lighthouse software comes integrated with these point of sale systems. The software can manage your whole business from any computer.

You'll process with our Shift4 processing platform-Our PCI-validated P2PE solution for Hotels, Resorts and Lodging.