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Turn more tables with Exatouch®!


Exatouch® Point of Sale gives restaurateurs like you a simple way to streamline daily operations, maximize efficiency, and boost the bottom line. From mobile payment solutions and online ordering to easy tip adjustments and support for contactless transactions, Exatouch has everything you need to run—and grow—your restaurant.

Exatouch Helps All Kinds of Restaurants Do More with Less


Fine Dining & Table Service Restaurants


Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs)


Food Trucks


Counter service & Cafes


Bars & Lounges


Food Delivery & Pizzerias

Table Management


Get a birds-eye view of your dining room! With detailed multi-zone table mapping, Exatouch enables you to assign tables, servers and courses to accommodate your diners with ease - especially during peak dining hours. Keep tabs on the entire dining sequence and see which tables and bar seats are vacant and occupied.

Tableside Ordering


With the Exatouch tablet, servers can input customer orders at the table, increasing speed and efficiency. Plus, servers can control the firing sequence of guest's course selections to the kitchen, providing an impeccable dining experience for your patrons.

Difficult Orders Made Easy


Manage the most complicated orders with ease. With Exatouch, it's simple to split guest checks, transfer tickets, move items, change or combine tables, add discounts and more!



Fast-paced restaurants love Exatouch for the speed of order entry, and streamlined modifications. Modifiers can be tracked for potential upsell opportunities!

Integrated Payments


A leading EMV solution, Exatouch enables your business to accept the latest payment methods, including EMV and contactless payments. With semi-integrated solutions such as the PAX D210, you’ll have a sleek, WiFi device designed to interact with your patrons and allow for payments right at the table. Best of all, there are no gateway or middleware fees because of our direct network integrations. Additionally, when you use Exatouch, you benefit from fast transactions, optimal network uptime, and a single deposit for all your card types.

Customer Engagement and Promotions


Recognize your customers and keep them coming back with frequent customer discounts and menu specials. Discounts can be manually entered or automatically calculated based on time, day, or items ordered.




Expedite the payment process with an ultra-light wireless terminal that accepts EMV and contactless transactions right at the table! As the only POS to support post-auth tip adjust on EMV transactions, your customers can settle a check and tip their server at the same time, reducing the chance of fraudulent transactions and enhancing their overall experience.


                  Exatouch At-a-Glance


                        Exatouch brings more features and greater possibilities to your restaurant!

Front of House

  • Multi-zone table mapping

  • Track head counts

  • Walk-in/take-out and delivery

  • Daily specials

  • Modifier Rollup

  • Employee Access cards

Integrated Payments

  • EMV and contactless payments

  • Pay-at-the-table

  • Tip adjust on EMV transactions

  • Integrated gift card program – eGiftSolutions

  •  Single deposit for all card types

  • QR code payments

Order Management

  • Configure printer options-Bar, Kitchen, etc

  • Control firing times with enhanced coursing

  • Add and define modifiers

  • Open tabs / Bar tab authorizations

  • Special instructions

  • Split check by items or amounts

  • Join checks

Staff Management

  • Staff scheduling

  • Split shifts

  • Edit timesheets

  • Tip reporting

  • Evaluate sales performance and manage security levels

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Reporting Tools



Gain even more insight into your business with Exatouch’s complete reporting features! Analyze detailed sales and inventory reports, financial data, employee sales production, and more!

Additionally, conveniently email, export and print reports to keep up with daily activities!


  • Daily Summary

  • Top selling and zero movement items

  • Sales by day-part


  • Batch and transaction details

  • Access cost and profit margins

  • Revenue center report


  • Detailed customer database

  • Order history

  • Sales by customer


  • Reconcile purchase orders

  • SKU and barcode reporting

  • Suggested orders

Contactless, EMV & Mobile Solutions for MICROS® & Exatouch® POS

TableTurn® enables you to get more customers in your door, serve them faster, and accept their preferred payment methods quickly and securely. Get TableTurn and watch your revenue grow!


Countertop Solution


Increase operational efficiency, boost security, and enhance the customer experience with an integrated countertop solution that plugs right into your point of sale system!

  • Enable guests to pay quickly & securely

  • Enter tip on the receipt or adjust the tip later

  • Simplify server reconciliation & minimize user errors

curb pick.png

Wireless Solution


Grow your operation and engage your diners with a mobile payment solution that’s essential for curbside pickup, delivery, and pay-at-table. With TableTurn’s wireless solution, you’ll enjoy a host of powerful tools that can take your restaurant to the next level!

  • Contactless payment solution is safe for customers to tap and go, hands-free

  • Eliminate back and forth between workstation and customer vehicles or tables, speeding service

  • Digital billfold enables tableside payments so diners’ cards never leave their sight

  • Text and email digital receipts, or print them using the built-in printer

  • Easy check splitting, great for larger groups

  • Capture customer ratings for instant feedback


TableTurn® is an innovative and adaptable restaurant management solution, available in both wired and wireless options, that integrates with Exatouch and other leading hospitality POS systems. With TableTurn and Exatouch, you can get more diners through your door, serve them quicker, and allow them to pay with their preferred method of payment—including chip card, contactless, and mobile payments.

Fast. Profitable. Secure.


TableTurn is an innovative payment solution that integrates with MICROS®, Exatouch®, and other leading point of sale systems, enabling restaurants to accept EMV, contactless, and mobile payments. EMV payment acceptance increases security and reduces chargebacks, while contactless and mobile payment processing simplify pay-at-table, curbside, and delivery service.

With reliable countertop and wireless options, TableTurn helps restaurants of every type and size be faster, more profitable, and more secure.

Contactless & EMV Payments with Tip Adjust

Mobile Solutions for Curbside Pickup, Delivery & Pay-At-Table

Support for Cash Discounting

Print, Email, or Text Receipts

Simple Splitting of Checks & Tender Types

Free Gift Card 


Customer Ratings

Setup, Training & Support from our In-House, U.S.-Based Team


Exatouch’s Kitchen Display System



Miscommunication between a restaurant’s front-of-house team and the kitchen staff is a common challenge, impeding order accuracy and top notch customer service. Fortunately, Exatouch’s kitchen display system (KDS) is designed to alleviate these types of problems. This KDS is a workhorse, offering all types of establishments, particularly QSRs, benefits that simplify employee workflows, strengthen service standards, and increase sales.

The KDS maximizes kitchen productivity with: 

  • Real-time monitoring of order status & stock levels

  • Order routing to the correct prep station for perfectly timed meals

  • Full visibility with detailed views of every order, including modifiers

  • Simple advancing & filtering of orders with a bump bar or touchscreen monitor

Learn more about the KDS and how it can save your restaurant time and money.


POS Cloud®

Insight. Convenience. Security.


Exclusively for Exatouch merchants, POS Cloud is an easy-to-use, visual dashboard that gives you real-time access to key business metrics like sales and financial data—from anywhere!

Obtain total sales, profits, and vital performance analytics

View sales by day, week, month, quarter, and year

Identify top selling items and sales by category



Best-in-Class Service and Support Designed for Busy Restaurateurs



We know restaurant owners often work around the clock. That’s why our account and point of sale experts are available to assist with your Exatouch setup, installation, and training to ensure a smooth transition and zero downtime. From building your menu to upgrading your software, our concierge-style support is available when you need it.

NO Lock-in contracts! We Offer NO POS or Merchant Processing Contracts 

FREE Menu Builds

FREE POS Training

FREE Gift Card Processing

FREE Over-the-Phone POS Installation

FREE 24/7 Technical Support

No Inventory Management Fees, No Loyalty Program Fees, No Online Ordering Fees

FREE Online Ordering

For Restaurants 

Grow your business with online ordering and increase customer satisfaction by offering more ways to enjoy your delicious dishes!


                    Why DeliverMe?


DeliverMe® is the brand-new online ordering solution for restaurants using Exatouch® Point of Sale. Now your customers can order online at their convenience for pickup and delivery, while you enjoy increased business, access to new guests, and additional revenues!

Menu setup is easy


There’s no need to create a separate online menu. With DeliverMe, you can offer the same menu online as you do in your restaurant.

Orders are customizable


DeliverMe offers unlimited order customization, perfect for build-your-own dishes.

     It’s convenient for                    customers


They can order for delivery or pickup ASAP—or up to 7 days in advance. Plus, customers can place orders on their smartphone, tablet, or desktop.




Using your Exatouch POS and its built-in applications, you can:

  • Track and manage all pickup and delivery orders in real-time

  • Update menu items, modifiers, and pricing in your POS and they’ll show in DeliverMe

  • Send accurate online orders right to the kitchen

  • Temporarily suspend online ordering or change wait times based on staffing and demand

  • Manage taxes, delivery zones, and applicable fees

  • View all online orders in your POS reporting for greater insight


Strategic Branding


DeliverMe enables customers to recognize your business while making the ordering process simple.

Easy Customization


Brand your online ordering site with your restaurant’s logo, contact information, and more

Clean Design


The elegant layout enables you to organize and present your menu strategically to entice your customers and upsell them

Responsive View


DeliverMe’s responsive design ensures customers can order from any device, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones

Website Assistance


We’ll help you add an online ordering button to your website that customers can click to complete their order in DeliverMe

Smart Features 


DeliverMe's easy-to-use features and intuitive design provide your customers with:

Important Information About Your Restaurant At The top Right of The Screen Including:

Business Hours                                                Delivery Fee (If applicable)

Location-even listing how many miles.          Star Rating

away from the customers location

Order Minimum                                                Live Wait Times

                                    Contact Information

Screen Shot 2021-08-12 at 4.58.06 PM.png

A convenient search feature that allow customers to find Items-great for restaurants with an extensive menu

If your diners have a favorite dish there is no reason for them to go through the whole menu to find it. They can simply type their selection into the search bar to make filtering a breeze!

The Ability to order for delivery or pickup ASAP-or up to 7 days in advance

Serve your customers now or later. Whether it's an order to pick up for lunch, or a catering delivery for next week, DeliverMe makes it simple for customers to place orders at their convenience.


The Ability to add tips in a preset percentage or custom amount

Customer can reward your hard working staff with gratuities by clicking a percentage of the total or entering a custom amount.

Space to put in delivery notes such as a gate code or parking instructions

Customer can enter the color and type of vehicle for faster curbside pickup. The ability to enter special delivery instructions that makes the drivers life easy and increases customer satisfaction.


Previews of their order in the cart to make any last minute changes before checking out.

If customers want to add another bottle of soda or forget to say they want extra onions on their burger, it's no problem! They can make these quick changes in the cart without having to modify the entire order.


How it works


Because DeliverMe is integrated with Exatouch, the ordering process is seamless and can be completed in just a few steps.

STEP 1:  Customer Places An Order

Customer Chooses Their Menu Items and Submits Their Order


With DeliverMe’s simple interface, customers can select the menu items they want, complete with required modifiers and any special instructions for preparation they have. It’s easy for them to pay and submit their order in just a few clicks.


STEP 2: Exatouch POS Receives A Notification

Restaurant is notified of a new incoming order


Your Exatouch POS will display and track orders within Delivery Manager. Orders scheduled for a future date will be saved under “Future Orders.”


STEP 3: Order Is Prepared

Ticket is sent to the kitchen to be prepared


Exatouch POS automatically places the new order into the kitchen queue to be prepared for the customer’s requested pickup/delivery time. No intervention from a server or manager is needed to fire the order to the kitchen!


STEP 4: Customer Is Notified When Order Is Ready

SMS notification is sent to the customer


A text message is sent to the customer to let them know their order is ready for pickup or currently out for delivery!


eGiftSolutions integrates directly into your Exatouch system, establishing a store-branded program just like the big box retailers. Whether you need gift cards for a franchise or a single location, eGiftSolutions is guaranteed to drive revenue, customer loyalty and overall brand exposure.

Similar to Exatouch, eGiftSolutions provides complete program management, including gift card processing, design and fulfillment services, in-house support and real-time online reporting. We streamline the entire process so you can concentrate on more important business components – like expanding your reach and garnering even more customer satisfaction!

Between our exclusive processing options and comprehensive design, marketing and fulfillment services, we provide everything you need - and more - for implementing a successful gift card program!

  • Gift card purchases are 20-50% higher than the average credit card or cash sale.
  • Plastic gift cards generate 50-100% more sales than paper certificate programs.
  • 55% of gift card recipients are more likely to redeem their cards over multiple visits, increasing retail traffic and revenues.
  • 10-15% never redeem the full value of the card.

Sources: First Data, J.C. Williams Group, American Greetings, National Retail Foundation


We Offer Free Gift Card Processing 


     JollyPayments is here for you

Get online orders up and running quickly with hassle-free setup 

Our team will build out your online menu for no additional cost


Schedule over-the-phone trainings


Access our in-house, U.S.-based technical support available 24/7


Case Study of Just one of our Exatouch success stories: Goldenrod

Drive in.png
Drive 2.png

High Performance. Reliable. Stylish.

What's in the bundle:

  • All-in-one touchscreen

  • Feature-rich business specific software

  • Thermal printer

  • Cash drawer

  • Barcode scanner

  • QR code payments 

  • Customer facing display

  • Wireless keyboard/mouse

  • Semi-integrated EMV-ready device

  • Front & back office management 

  • Extended waranty 

  • Zero % Processing Fee Programs

  • Includes License. No license Fees!

  • Next Day Funding

  • Manage Inventory & Vendors

  • Daily cloud backup

  • 15 employees Access Cards

  • Router & (2 ) 7' Ethernet Cables



FREE Inventory Build

FREE Gift Card Processing
FREE 24/7, in-house support

FREE Online Ordering

FREE Mobile Processing


Includes Customer Facing Screen


No Mark Ups! Our Wholesale Price 1499+ $29 Monthly



Convenient. User-friendly. Secure.

The 7" and 10" Exatouch tablets do it all!

  • Full software capabilities

  • Tableside ordering

  • Mobile inventory

  • Table map and multi-zone

  • Front of house management

  • Line busting

  • Integrates seamlessly with Exatouch POS


No Mark Ups! Our Price Is Your Price $659.00

Get the ExaTouch Point-of-Sale Bundle at our cost! We offer NO MARK UPS! This is about  1/4 of the cost of any equivalent system.


In addition to this we offer low wholesale processing fees, 24/7 in-house technical support. All included bundle with wholesale in-house processing. There are NO additional licensing fees for upgrades or any monthly, quarterly or yearly technical support fees.

One Call for all your services: Tech, support, Customer service and integrated payment processing all under one roof! 

 Profit the same as cash with our

      Zero % Processing fees


Peripherals / Accessories 

"With 6 Exatouch stations, we can easily accommodate orders placed at the counter, takeout windows online or over the phone. Most importantly, each station supports all payment types, including EMV and contactless transactions." 

Ron and Rich. Co-Owners of Glodenrod Drive-in

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