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Eliminate up to 95% of your processing fees

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Are you ready to BE FREE from credit card processing fees? Ready to take control of your payments? That's exactly what the EPX EDGE program is for.


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              Swiped, Dip, or Tap: 2.69%

                      Keyed: 3.49% + $0.19

Payanywhere Inactivity Fee: $3.99/mo. Applicable only to merchants who do not process a transaction for 12 months. When processing resumes, inactivity fee will no longer be charged.

Custom: Tiered or Interchange +

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Get Rates Specific To Your Business

Jollypayments handles rates in-house, no third party sales agents.

      What's included with Jollypayments Mobile Programs.


                    Our software is the business-building platform that powers your potential. Let us help you

                                        build and grow your business with additional services and tools.

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Software Powered By:

Payanywhere- Customer, Inventory, Reporting

HomeBase- Business Employee Management 


          Payments Hub 

  Your online Hub For Business



Easy To Use Point of Sale Software


                           SDK APP

      Accept payments in your native APP

Invoicing & recurring payments        3.49% + $0.19

Virtual terminal payments              3.49% + $0.19

Offline transactions                                   Included

Open tickets & tabs                                  Included

Customers                                               Included

Employees                                                  Included

Reporting                                                 Included

Inventory                                                   Included

Dispute Management                                Included

Next Day Funding                                     FREE

Same Day Funding                            FREE


Payment Hub

 Introducing simplified PCI compliance                       with PCI Plus!


At JollyPayments our point of sale systems deliver lightning-fast payment processing with transaction approvals in mere seconds. Not to mention, the latest in PCI-compliant encryption and tokenization and pay as you go or custom pricing. 

Partner today with a proven merchant services provider like JollyPayments one who is committed to helping small to large business owners succeed.

What makes us different 


Hassle Free PCI Compliance


Dedicated team No Mark Up POS systems


Business management

software Included

Pick your Pricing 

Pick Your Free equipment

Free Same Day Funding 

*Epx Platform 


Hardware at every price point.


Choose from Smart Point of Sale+, Smart Flex, Smart Terminal, mobile credit card readers, POS systems and accessories.

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The JollyPayments Difference 

1. Your Pick Your Free Equipment               2. Pick Your Pricing                    3. Pick your Funding

This industry can be confusing and when there's nobody to talk to, you can count on us.

JollyPayments works with your business directly and has the ability to bring you the best and newest technology in payment solutions. Our integrated customer and management POS software helps your business stay ahead of your competition. Most of our equipment is technology proof. We offer you FREE POS placements, as technology grows you grow with it.

We have direct partner relationships with many different processors with multiple banks. We will find the right processor, lowest rates and the best payments system that fits your business needs. We manage your accounts in house to better assist you with all your daily needs.

Step 1- Call us or contact

             us on this website

Step 2- We will find you the                     best payment solution 

Step 3-  We train you with                        ongoing 24/7 support