Valor, Ultimate Counter Top  & Virtual Payment Solution


                                                Your All-In-One Payment System

                       One Connected Payment Solution For All Your Payments Needs


Point Of Sale Terminal


Mobile Payments


Cloud Dashboard Portal 


Recurring Billing


e-Commerce Payments




Virtual Payments


Built-In Marketing


Valor Smart Terminals Are The Ultimate Counter Top Terminals For Payments


Includes Automated Cash Discounting software

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                         sets this apart from the rest!


Valor V100 Our Price No Mark-up $210


Valor Portal

  • Access from Anywhere in The World and Perform Sales, Voids, Refunds, and Tip Adjusts

  • Build Customer Database Automatically

  • Real-Time Risk Monitoring with Valor Shield

  • Customer Receipt and Signature Storage for 24 Months to Fight Chargebacks

  • Fastest Boarding and Deployment in The Industry

  • Engage My Customer - Built-In Marketing Tool to Communicate with Customer Base

  • Digital and Paper Receipt Advertisement


Watch The Video To See How This Technology Can Work For Your Business!

Save Up To 100% Of Your Processing Fees!

Dual Processing .png.webp

Are you tired of paying outrageous credit card processing fees? Implementing a Cash Discounting program at your business can result in significant savings! Our Cash Discounting programs helps eliminate most or all of your processing fees while driving cash payments to your business.

Merchants everywhere are continuing to face increased costs for all aspects of their businesses. The good news is our Cash Discounting programs helps cover these rising costs.

JollyPayments offers the top dual pricing program in the USA. JollyPayments dual pricing program can offer our merchants the ability to profit the same from credit card transactions that you do from cash transactions.. Our automated software does all the work! See for yourself.

Fastest Boarding and Deployment

in The Industry



Your wait ends here with our specialized solutions for introducing and adopting new technologies. Our dedicated team will ensure to advise you on the right option for your payment/transaction requirement that suits your business.


Access from Anywhere in The World


Zero anxiety! With your mobile device, merchants can monitor and review payments and transactions as they happen, anywhere, at their convenience.

        Digital and Paper Receipt Advertisement



Customers have the option to receive their receipt as an SMS text receipt, email receipt,           or paper receipt. For the merchant, this reduces paper costs significantly, with the                                   additional ability to cross-sell by featuring advertisements.


Customer Receipt and Signature Storage



Smartly store a digital copy of all sales receipts with your customers’ signatures in your Valor Merchant portal. This helps fighting chargebacks and reduces paper costs.


Cloud Based Benefits

  • Storing our Program and Transactions in the Cloud Allows Valor Terminals to Process Smoothly Without Crashing or Tampering due to Overwhelming the Device with Locally Stored Data & Files

  • Merchant Receipts get Stored in our Cloud for 24 Months. This Allows Merchants to Easily Access their Receipts upon Customer Request or in the Case of a Chargeback

  • Merchants can Batch Remotely, Avoiding all of the Problems Related to Lost Batches from Damaged Terminals


Built in Marketing & Promotional Tools

  • Engage my Customer Feature Allows you to Identify Customers Based on Customizable Filters like VIP Customers, Number of Visits, Shopping Patterns, etc

  • Easily Add Promotional Messages and Images (SMS & Email only) to your Receipts to Encourage Customers to Return to your Business

  • SMS, Email & Paper Receipt Marketing


Virtual Terminal & Ecommerce

An All In One Virtual Terminal, Gateway, and Mobile App

  • Card Numbers Tokenized and Stored for Future Transactions

  • Set Up Recurring Payments

  • Email and SMS Invoicing

  • Cash Discount / Surcharging Features Available

  • Level 2 and Level 3 Payment Options

  • Dynamic Descriptor Improves Transaction Descriptions on Customer Bank Statements

  • Inventory Management

  • E-Commerce Integrations with OpenCart and WooCommerce

  • Easy to Use Mobile App Available on IOS and Android